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Dr. Matthew B Candelaria is dedicated to creating web content that can be judged favorably against content in any other media or time. Content should be written well, thoroughly researched, and dedicated to the purpose of improving the lives of readers and society as a whole. “First, do no harm” should be the oath of the writer as well as the physician.

From the Ivory Tower to the Internet

Dr. Candelaria earned his BA at the University of Colorado at Denver in 1996. His major was in English, but with a minor in physics, reflecting his interdisciplinary interests, having worked in a chemistry lab and a metallurgy lab for three summers during high school and college. He coauthored an analytic chemistry article and presented at several scientific conferences.

He received his PhD in English from the University of Kansas in 2006, again with an interdisciplinary focus. His dissertation, “Biophbia: Representations of Vermin in Literature, Film, and Science,” looked at several centuries of entomology as well as contemporary literature, comics, film, and even video game portrayals of rats, lice, and cockroaches, among other creatures.

In 2007 he began writing Internet content for dentists, doctors, and lawyers with a search engine optimization company. In the next five years, he produced thousands of pieces of content and delved as deeply into the subject matter as he had in the writing of his dissertation.

In 2012 he struck off on his own as a freelance writer, adding content for auto mechanics, computer security, home improvement, weight loss, and many other types of clients, although the majority of his content still focuses on dental topics like sleep apnea, TMJ, and dental implants.

A World Traveler and Family Man

Dr. Candelaria loves traveling with his wife and two children. Since 1997 he and his wife have traipsed around the world, reaching more than 20 countries. They have since included their children in their adventures, starting them off as young as 6 months—don’t worry, they’ve been remarkably good on every airplane trip.

One of his side interests is science fiction, where he has achieved a small amount of success: a short story that won the 2003 Golden Quill from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest, and two edited anthologies of criticism. He continues to write science fiction on the side and incorporates it into his commercial writing as the opportunities permit.

He is very fond of beer, especially craft beer. In one year he pledged to drink 300 different brews, and he is always looking for the next delicious drop. His tastes tend decidedly to the hops. He also enjoys gardening, tabletop gaming, video games, and recreational reading.

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